1 Down Under, 4 Up.

“We tightened our right hand and listened to the years of American mechanical engineering.”

Every individual who has ever put pen to paper, or more likely finger to the keypad in this day and age, wants to be heard, to be valued, to be talked about, to be at the epicentre of discussion. For me, there’s nothing more captivating than diving head first into a blog all about motorcycle journeys around the world. But how can I write a blog when I’m left speechless?

Maybe my degree in sports coaching didn’t prepare me as well as possible to take on the inherently complex task of attempting to capture one’s subjective view of the world. However, it did introduce me to some incredible people that inspire and motivate me every single day. I suppose it’s these unquantifiable reasons that made my university career worthwhile.

I had that once in a lifetime experience where I got to travel with my closest friends as we tackled the east coast of Australia. Before my flight was booked, I had already got round to booking a three-day ride with BC’s very own crackerjack, Sam. It then deemed necessary a plane ticket ought to be the next thing on my list. To make the ride extra special we chose to do it on an Indian scout and a Harley Davidson Sportster. What better place to test this historic American rivalry than 10,000 miles from home.

Sam & Andy (Iron & Resin)

If there’s one thing that never changes, no matter the day, time, week, month or year, it is ‘Share the Ride’. Those three simple words have increasingly acted as the mantra to promote the lifestyle we wish to pursue. Whilst filtering through my eclectic mix of literature, ranging from Built Magazine to ‘Into The Wild’, I stumbled across a quote that really resonated with me, “happiness is only real when shared” (Christopher McCandless) and this couldn’t be closer to the truth. 

As myself and Sam excitedly rode away to the Gold Coast from Brisbane we could hardly achieve our initial goal to look cool on our American V Twins because we couldn’t wipe the smirk off our faces, oh, and the dust. It’s sometimes impossible to completely understand how you find yourself in some situations. From racing our 125cc’s around the outskirts of Cardiff we found ourselves perched on these iconic bikes we had admired on multiple social media platforms. You can understand why we looked like two young children with new toys. 

One of the many highlights included venturing to Iron & Resin, a hub of motorcycle culture we’ve been interested in from the UK (Iron & Resin). Finding out this gem was within touching distance of where we were staying was more than ideal.

We managed to take some snaps with the help of our non-riding partners in crime as we tightened our right hand and listened to the years of American mechanical engineering. Our more experienced photographer Ollie, who’s had extra practice behind the lens taking snaps of his Yoga Instructing, fitness fanatic girlfriend, managed to capture some shots that were second to none. So thanks, Mr Wash and Yoganic for making this possible. 

Harley Davidson 883 or the Indian Scout?

Although these iconic Amercian superstars have competed against each other for more than 100 years, I can’t imagine they have ridden many miles alongside each other with little or to zero hostility like we did for three days. Comparing these beauties is a little bit of a difficult task and will require a blog of its own.. stay posted!

Whilst in the glorious land of the Gold Coast we were able to surprise and meet up with the full-time legend, part-time beach lifeguard, retail connoisseur and sporting performance analyst, Henry Mander, who was able to show us the ropes. This may have included drinking goons of wine upside down and singing ‘BARMY ARMY’ chants in a local pub but I couldn’t be 100% sure.

I may look back on this trip and think of the pennies I could’ve saved, but I very much doubt it. I may however never stop telling people about the time the five musketeers embarked down the east coast of Australia. 

Ollie, Sam, Jack, Andy & Timm.

Share the ride. 


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