Baffle Culture Ride The North Coast 500

Baffle Culture's Harry and Oli spent the weekend blasting along some of the UK's best roads and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Scottish Highlands... sounds pretty perfect don't you agree!? Harry and Oli filled us in on their trip and we thought you might like to hear what they made of The North Coast 500. Supported by

Day 1 - Inverness to Tongue

After the 9 hour trek from Cardiff to Inverness, Oli and Harry spent a night recovering before packing up the bikes and hitting the road the next morning. After a brief visit to Inverness Castle they made their way up the east coast. Harry watched nervously for the first hour as Oli made gestures about his steering and suspension. Having just collected the 30 year old Africa Twin the bike was relatively unproven, just what you need for a long road trip! It turned out having all of the gear on the back of the bike was severely impacting the steering and after some redistribution they were back on the road. Passing through John O'Groats, the most northerly point of mainland Britain, they finished the day in Tongue and got well acquainted with the highland midges at their camp spot.

Day 2 - Tongue to Applecross

Pushing on to the north west from Tongue, the duo stopped in Durness on Oli's insistence that the beach was on par with those in the Caribbean. Harry described it as 'very lovely'... we are not quite convinced. Day 2 consisted of mainly single track roads through Ullapool, Gairloch and Ardheslaig. Concluding the day in Applecross with the best haddock and chips they've ever eaten, both riders agreed that day two contained the majority of their favourite roads and continuously epic scenery.

Day 3 - Applecross to Inverness

Day three got off to a jaw dropping start as Oli and Harry hit the summit of Applecross Pass. Cresting the mountain they were greeted with an incredible view of the road ahead and the loch below. This easily stole the accolade of being Harry's favourite part of the trip. heading back to Inverness with a stop along the way for some wild swimming the Baffle Culture BC500 trip drew to a close. Loading the bikes up in the van and heading back to Wales the duo had covered almost 2,000 miles in five days. Exhausted but smiling from ear to ear they're already planning their next adventure.