Local Routes



What a great opportunity..

.. to share local routes around the area of Cardiff for fellow riders to try and review.

We’ve posted some of our favourite routes we’ve encountered so far.




Time: 30 mins

Distance: 11.2 miles

Difficulty: Beginner

Road surface: Average

Ave Speed estimate: 40 mph

Rating: 4/5

Other: Perfect for the smaller capacity engines (& L’s) on this short ride. Not normally much traffic makes this a lovely evening blast.




Time: 2 hr 35 (Exc. stops)

Distance: 93.4 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Road surface: Average

Ave Speed estimate: 50 mph

Rating: *

Other: The epic Baffle ride out. Yet to be completed so the review is left in limbo. Completed via car but that’s not worth mentioning is it.



Time: 60 mins

Distance: 16.1 miles

Difficulty: Beginner

Road surface: Good

Ave Speed estimate: 35 mph

Rating: 3/5

Other: This is a perfect run to meet some friends and have easy parking access. More aimed towards a lazy sunday where there’s not much hurry. Lisvane roads can be a bit more exciting, where the ride around roath park and the city centre is more urban. Pub; Ty Mawr, Coffee; Lufkin. 



PLEASE send us your favourite local rides to info@baffleculture.com so they can be added to the page. Just head over to google maps and jot your route. Copy the share URL and we’re away.

And remember to comment below! 

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